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Peek A Boo Package $85

( 10-40 weeks)

This Package is :

5-10 minutes long and

 includes 4 printed pictures

ADD Baby Flix Basic  for $10!! Get all your images,  Video Clips & Movie!

A la Carte items are available to personalize this package.

* Sorry, this package is not eligible for our 5% off credit or a re-scan

Often times mom’s are not feeling any movement early in the pregnancy, so a quick “Peek A Boo” can put your mind at ease. You will witness movements and wiggles in 2D while the baby is very small. 

For our late term mom's or returning mom's who would  like to have a quick peek in 3D and 4D to  simply see their baby again one last time before birth. 

Early Gender Reveal  Package $115

10  minutes (15- 24 weeks )

 2D, 3D & 4D

(6) printed pictures

Baby Flix App included 

Gender reveal, hear heartbeat


 Add Babyflix Movie for $9.99!!


We will record your little one's heartbeat and place in the bear of your choice! $35.

Call ahead to pre-order the bear of your choice. 845-554-3421

We have many new bears arriving each week. Ask which ones we have today!!!

*********** More Packages 

 Deluxe Package  $135.

 15 minutes

(24 weeks +++ )
2D,3D & 4D Ultrasound

Gender confirmation 

Hear baby's heartbeat

  (6-8) printed  pictures

  Baby Flix Into Included

 (Free 10 minute re-scan if baby doesn't cooperate (at the discretion of the  Sonographer) 



Baby Bliss  Package $165   

20 minutes

(24 weeks +++)

2D, 3D & 4D Ultrasound 

Gender confirmation (upon request)

Hear baby's heartbeat

     (8-10) B/W printed pictures

    (1) 4x6 3D Color Photo                                                    

Baby Flix App. 

Exclusive Newborn Photography Gift Certificate

(Free 10 min. re-scan if baby doesn't cooperate (at the discretion of the Sonographer)

Is there any preparation for  my 3D/4D ultrasound?
WATER, WATER, WATER  !! We recommend  that all our mom's hydrate 3-4 days prior to their 3D appointment. Being well hydrated will aid in better images. 1 Gallon of water a DAY, everyday for 4 days before your  appointment.

Gender Reveal Balloons $20

Our gender balloons are pre filled with pink or blue confetti. This will make a great addition to your gender reveal party !!

 A La Carte Items:

4x6 Color Photo $5

Bow tie or Tutu $5

Baby Flix Into Basic $10

Gender Reveal Box $10

Gender Reveal Balloon $20

Smoke sticks or Confetti Cannon  1/$12 or 2/$20

  Heartbeat Bear $ 35

 Twins add $40 to any package




 Dutchess 3D Imaging gift cards are the most appreciated and treasured gifts. Our gift cards can be purchased over the phone and mailed to you or directly to the expectant mother.  We can also email you the gift certificate. Great for a baby shower gift or any occasion. 

Our Late Policy:

If arriving 10 minutes  late you may be asked to reschedule your appointment time. There will be a $25.00 fee added as this time was blocked for you IF we are able to still see you.

Packages and pricing are subject to change.

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